Tips from a professional designer on decorating for the holidays


The end of year celebrations are in full swing. And whether you’re hosting your family, coworkers, or friends, you want your home to look like a tasteful vacation dream come true.

Christy Berry, founding partner of Compass in Dallas, knows a thing or two about interior design, both as a leading agent in luxury homes and as a mother-in-law to the interior designer. interior Amy Berry.

Here’s what Berry recommends for your Christmas party this year.

What trends are dominating holiday decor this year?

Think pink when looking for something with more personality than a conventional Christmas tree.(Christy Berry)

“With everything from gold to sequins to stones, this year’s trends are as feminine as they are festive. Sparks are everywhere, and for good reason – now is never a good time to celebrate with a little sparkle and glamor. My favorite this season is an all pink tree, courtesy of Karla McKinley. She has been creating tastes for 30 years that I have known her.

“Plus, when is there a good reason not to use white Christmas lights? Glittering table decorations have always been essential entertainment.

What’s the best way to store holiday decorations for the rest of the year?

“I’ve never been the type to love artificial trees – especially since we don’t have a lot of snow or evergreens here in the south – so tree storage was never part of the story. process for me. Ornaments are another matter, however.

“Many of them come from my grandmother and have been passed down from generation to generation. They are quite special to me. My choice has always been to use tissues and split boxes (plastic or whatever) to keep them organized and prevent breakage. Wrapping lights around cardboard has always been another lifeline if you use color.

Where do you find inspiration for holiday decorating?

I start by taking inspiration from Elle Decor or Architectural Digest. Creativity kicks in when I can see something visual and Instagram is a great place to start. Alice Naylor-Leyland (@mrsalice) has just launched a new line of table decors for purchase and I couldn’t recommend them more if you’re in a rush or need a place to start. From nutcrackers to plates, his style is surreal and every guest will be “ooh” and “ahhh” on it. “

What is the # 1 consideration when decorating this party?

“Less is more. As we continue to see home and design trends focused on minimalism, I would recommend reducing and refining simplicity with a little courage.

What are the most impressive examples of holiday decor you’ve seen this year?

A simple coat is the way to go when decorating the holidays in 2019.
A simple coat is the way to go when decorating the holidays in 2019.(Christy Berry)

“Color seems to be everywhere this Christmas, and I love it! Tree flocking – a trend I grew up with that quickly went out of style – seems to be making a comeback. One of my dearest friends decided to flock her pink tree this year, and the results are amazing. She mixed the usual red, green and white, but the flocked rose tree with orange undertones is very sophisticated and warm.

“A lot of traditional arches in the trees, as well as garlands, are all the rage. Multicolored lights are back. Another trend that I see in all the homes I have visited this season is “less is more”. A simple living garland hanging from the mantle, adorned with simple mercury balls, is so elegant. “

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