Sheffield property: interior designer gives 8 tips for selling your home


We teamed up with Rebecca Kerry, of Broomhall-based Rebel Interior Design, after research by Purplebricks revealed that 45% of sellers in Sheffield now turn to Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest for valuable tips and advice when ‘it is about selling a property.

Research from the tech-led real estate agent also shows that 11% of savvy sellers in Sheffield use the services of interior stylists and real estate professionals to sell their homes.

Real estate developers are entrepreneurs who research and install custom furniture, fixtures, upholstery, and artwork to stylize a home that potential buyers will be able to see. It’s a booming industry now taking off in the UK, perhaps inspired by popular real estate shows like Netflix’s Selling Sunset.

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Rebecca Kerry, of Rebel Interior Design

Here is Rebecca’s advice:

To clean. From top to bottom, indoors and outdoors, including the garden and for all stubborn stains, consider hiring a pro to clean the rugs.

Get rid of the clutter. This will make your home look bigger, and cleaning up the excess now will save you time when you move.

Repair. Got a wobbly drawer or peeling paint? You might not notice it if you’ve been living with it for years, but it’s a real rubbish for potential buyers.

Limit the call. View your property from the road. How does it compare to other houses on your street? A clean front door with a few potted plants on either side gives an idea of ​​what will come inside. Tidy up the front lawn and sweep the path.

Don’t make it personal. Buyers don’t want to buy your home – they want to buy your home and make it their home, so take away vacation memorabilia, trophies, and certificates.

Keep it fresh. Open windows around the house to let in some fresh air. Avoid cooking fatty or smelly foods before a visit and empty the bin. Prepare a pot of fresh coffee and burn a scented candle to make your home more welcoming.

Banish beige. Well maybe not completely, but buyers increasingly like a little color in a home. Avoid acidic yellows or neon pinks – think dark navy blue or forest greens.

Go green. Plants are a great way to inject color and warmth into a space.

Philip Price, Regional Director of Purplebricks in Sheffield, said: “Our research shows that sellers of properties in Sheffield are becoming more and more inventive, using TikTok and Instagram as a source of inspiration, ideas and a platform for present their homes.

“Sellers really go out of their way to make their property stand out in a very competitive market. The growing popularity of real estate agent apps also shows how smartphones are now a key tool when it comes to selling a property, as the apps allow much more transparency between seller and buyer, and facilitate a faster communication throughout the buying process.

Check out the new Purplebricks High Speed ​​Home Sale Brochure on TikTok here

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