How hiring a professional designer could help banish the home office blues


Working from home has led to an increase in the number of people planning to fit out their properties, according to an expert.

Interior designer Lydia Clark-Betts believes more people could benefit from hiring a professional to improve their larger downtime, especially if it’s now an office.

Her attention to detail was sharpened with a degree and a career in graphic design, and she has since switched to interior design, running her office in Thringstone, near Whitwick, in north-west Leicestershire.

She said: “I think a lot of people, busy people, will rush out to buy stuff and not plan a room, or think, ‘I’m just going to order my furniture’ … but they have to hang on and think about the general look before you start.

“Plus you’ll spend double the cost before you even start – it’s like a recipe, you have to have the right ingredients.

“People are reluctant to hire an interior designer. They think it’s going to be expensive and, most importantly, it’s not. The cost of getting it wrong will always be higher.

She said an interior designer can reimagine a property and then select the items or furniture to accomplish the task.

She said if someone was considering a sale and wanted to avoid losing £ 10,000 or £ 15,000 off the asking price, it might make sense to bring in professional eyes to see why buyers don’t bite.

She said: “My first interior project was when I was 18, before college. I had broken up my relationship and started decorating my room.

“I painted it bright orange, bright red, and gold. It was so vibrant, a Moroccan theme. He had flair. And that’s where it all started. I felt real excitement and a buzz.

“Exceeding the expectations of a client brief is what you are really aiming for.

“Yes, I’m pretty bold and colorful, but if you ask any interior designer they’ll tell you that job satisfaction comes from taking on a challenge. “

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