Ava Kwok – an experienced designer, NFT artist and branding expert based in Hong Kong


Ava Kwok is a professional branding designer and NFT artist based in Hong Kong. His work combines the Chinese metaphysical element, the Western style of NFT art, and the impeccable aspects of Feng Shui.

Hong Kong – Ava Kwok is a professional designer of branded buildings and expert in NFT art with great passion and a great sense of design. She has a lot of experience working for the world’s most famous brands including Marvel, Pixar, Disney, Warner Bros, Oreo, and Estee Lauder. AvaKwok is famous for the elements of Feng Shui in designs and for helping clients be more successful.

Ava Kwok has released her latest NFT art collection, titled “Feng Shui Painting NFT Series”. If the visitor strongly believes that the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui can bring the buyer prosperity, health and wealth, then this NFT Feng Shui series is for them. In this latest Ava art series, each NFT has a unique, lucky theme, and it’s a mix of Chinese and Western styles. Ava Kwok has also incorporated Feng Shui principles into the design, which will bring good luck in the future.

New digital art has defined tradition by incorporating western elements into Feng Shui paintings, resulting in unique, modern and inventive NFT Art creations. The NFT art website features Ava’s collections, a must buy.

Ava Kwok says: “In the New Chinese Feng Shui Painting NFT Series, each NFT has a different lucky theme. The principles of Feng Shui in the design will help the buyer to be lucky and prosperous for the next 20 years. I incorporate elements of Feng Shui into my designs and help clients be more successful.

About Ava Kwok:

NFT Artist Ava Kwok is an expert in branding and the most experienced and well-known marketing materials and unique NFTs. The latest “Chinese Feng Shui Painting NFT Series” has different NFTs. Each NFT art in this terrific new series has a different auspicious theme. The Feng Shui elements of the series will help bring good luck in the future.

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